Face Temperature Detection & Recognition

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Series

8” wall mounted face recognition thermal panel

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Series8-inch with wall bracket temperature panelProduct Name:8” wall mounted facerecognition thermal panelOrder model:iHM43-2T08-T6-ENApplication:Widely used in the high-trafficcrowd entrances: community,hospital, enterprise, scenicarea, stations, airport, school,shopping mall and hotels, etc.DimensionOverview8inch wall bracket face recognition temperature measurement terminalpanel .integrates the industry-leading visible + NIR binocular camera, deeplearning face recognition technology and high-accuracy infrared temperaturemeasurement […]

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Series

Product characteristics Host running Android 7.1 operating system, using the latest face detection, recognition model, fast face capture, intelligent face quality judgment, accurate face recognition; Wide dynamic double-shot live anti-counterfeiting, thoroughly solve all kinds of photos on various carriers of deception; A real-time temperature monitoring, temperature tolerance range accurate to 0.3°, temperature detection distance of […]

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