Face Temperature Detection & Recognition

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Series

8” wall mounted face recognition thermal panel

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Series
8-inch with wall bracket temperature panel
Product Name:
8” wall mounted face
recognition thermal panel
Order model:
Widely used in the high-traffic
crowd entrances: community,
hospital, enterprise, scenic
area, stations, airport, school,
shopping mall and hotels, etc.
8inch wall bracket face recognition temperature measurement terminal
panel .integrates the industry-leading visible + NIR binocular camera, deep
learning face recognition technology and high-accuracy infrared temperature
measurement technology. On the basis of face recognition identity access
authentication management, it supports non-touch temperature measurement,
rapid screening, automatic alarm and automatic detection of mask wearing or not.
Compared with the problems of long temperature measurement time, low
accuracy and complicated operation of the touch thermometer, this terminal
measures the fixed point temperature of the forehead, obtains the human body
temperature after infrared temperature correction algorithm and body temperature
compensation algorithm, adopts high accuracy temperature measurement
solution with average speed 500ms,±0.3℃ accuracy.
●Face recognition
Binocular live body detection technology, effectively prevent the attacks
such as photos, videos and models, etc. 99.5% recognition rate; Recognition
speed<500ms; 2 face libraries, total support 50000 faces. Multiple arming
periods settings;
●Temperature measurement:
High accuracy temperature measurement module; Measurement accuracy:
±0.3℃; Best distance:40CM; Abnormal temperature alarm (threshold adjustable)
●Face recognition + mask detection:
Face + mask recognition rate 85%, mask wearing tip;
●Voice broadcast: face recognition result, temperature normal or abnormal and

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